Luxury Vinyl Plank, Hardwood Plank, and Laminate installation

Luxury Vinyl Plank

In 2023, Luxury Vinyl Plank is a very popular material to have installed in homes. We're seeing it installed in new construction and high-end homes. People prefer luxury vinyl plank for its water resistance, ease of cleaning, and the variety of high-quality designs now available. This is not the luxury vinyl plank of yester-year. Luxury Vinyl Plank has advanced to meet interior designer's exacting specifications.

Over 30 years of contracting - not many people can say they've delivered excellent work to their customer's satisfaction like Fain has.

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Luxury Vinyl Plank FLooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank - Installed June 2023


Similar to Luxury Vinyl Plank, but with a core-layer comprised of a wood-based composite. If your solely concerned about the visual appearance then Laminate will probably be your go-to choice. Most people tend to prefer the visual appearance of Laminate over Luxury Vinyl Plank; however, we like to advise buyers that the wood-fiber composite core can mean that water intrusion between planks over the long-haul (or via excessive wet-mopping or steam mopping) can result in swelling and contraction over time which may reduce the visual appeal and durability of the underlying flooring material.

Hardwood Plank

We also will install snap-together hardwood planks; however, we do not specialize in nail-down hardwood installations.