Get a Complete Bathroom Remodel by Sanctuary Bath

We're ready to transform your ideas into a beautifully remodeled bathroom.

Our lead installer and co-founder, Fain, has extensive experience in the remodel industry and can help you find and source materials for your project so you can achieve the remodel you desire.
Many of our customers browse through Magnolia, Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, as well as a few other local magazines related to interior design and already have a pretty good idea of what they want to achieve. When it comes to material selection, we've heard that people really appreciate how Fain walked them through different materials and what will work best in their space and in their budget.

Our process in a nutshell

Design Consultation

You can expect us to listen carefully to your vision for your bathroom remodel project. We will measure and document the existing space including plumbing details, and determine the scope of the renovation. We will collaborate so you can achieve your renovation vision with high-quality materials that will work well in your space.

Site preparation

We begin demolition only once we have received all materials for your job and inspected them for quality.

This process ensures that our customers have an efficient remodel that is done right the first time with as minimal of delay and disruption as possible.

Expert Installation

With all materials on-site and ready to go for renovation, we manage the end-to-end installation of new materials and fixtures. Your renovation will be complete and beautiful in a short amount of time.

Post care

We continue to care about your bathroom long after we've finished our work. We're proud of our craftsmanship and the materials that we work with. We provide extensive warranties that back our installation process.

It's not too early to start planning. Get a quote as early as possible

sample quote

We encourage people to get multiple quotes from three contractors for a variety of reasons (gather additional quotes if you're uncomfortable with the contractors that gave you estimates or quotes).

With three estimates or quotes, you'll gain a good understanding of how other contractors are pricing their services. You'll have a high, a low, and a middle-priced quote as well as a reasonable understanding of how that person/company work. If you're unclear on what you want to get done; that can complicate making an apples-to-apples comparison; but this process shouldn't only be focused on price. The quoting process should provide you with a good indication on what you can expect when working with the contractor. How do they handle questions and changes? Do they respond to your questions in a timely manner?

When it comes to our detailed estimating process, If you're undecided on a specific material in your project that's okay. For those situations, we provide an assumed in-category item with a per-unit allowance so that you can get a reasonably accurate estimate while final material selections are being made. We've found that our customers really enjoy this process because it makes the estimate to quote process unambiguous. Everything is accounted for and as precise as necessary to make an informed decision.

Sourcing materials featured in design and architecture magazines can sometimes take a while to be manufactured, shipped, and inspected for quality. The sooner we can get materials on-site, the sooner we can schedule installation.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you're working through the quoting process:

  • Is this an estimate or a quote?
    An estimate means that there is variability baked in -- an estimate is NOT a final commitment from the contractor; unexpected things can come up and as such, allocate in your head an overage for those items. We've seen contractors that provide an estimate and consistently charge 25-30% more for each item due to "complications" in the project.
  • Is this estimate or quote detailed enough for me to understand what I'm paying for?
    If you're not provided with enough detail to know what you're paying for then ask for clarification in the estimate. If the contractor is frustrated with your ask to provide more detail; steer clear. The rest of the project will probably go that way.
  • Does this estimate/quote meet my expectations in terms of the communicated scope of the project?
    Ensure that the quote delivered spells out exactly what the changes being made to your home are. This protects you as well as the contractor.
  • Does this estimate/quote feel like a low-ball offer to get me to commit right now?
    We've seen contractors that under-sell the actual cost in their estimates by about 20%. Customers choose that contractor only to encounter cost overruns as projects run on. Get a quote.
  • What parts in the quote will be subcontracted out?
    This might not be spelled out in the contract; but ask the contractor which plumber they will be working with.
  • One final point: a good estimate should account for the vast majority of risk in a project.
    If you only get an hourly rate from a contractor; steer clear; they have no incentive to complete your project on-time.

We're proud of our work

Choose Sanctuary Bath because you want your bathroom remodel done right. We provide end-to-end services from idea to completion for your remodeling needs. Whether you need specialized cabinets, vanity-top surfaces, or even a complex tile shower with multiple faucets or if you want a solid-surface shower alongside new toilets, floors, or otherwise; we've got your back from the start of your project all the way through the installation process and beyond.

Can I request different materials than what I saw at the in-home consultation?

Of course! It's not practical for us to carry samples of every possible material that we can order. So, with that in mind, we specialize in custom bathroom remodels that delight our customers. We are happy to help you identify and source materials of your choosing. Different materials may add additional costs to the project; what we've selected for this promotion are materials that we're very familiar with and also are a known cost on our end.

How long does installation take?

From the date that you sign your contract to the date we start removal of materials can vary based on product availability. For example, if you request a custom-made slab of quartz that does not fit what's available nearby that can take upwards of 4-8 weeks to arrive depending on lead-times from manufacturers, and scheduling/coordinating material delivery. We carefully track each item and ensure that it meets our quality specifications before we schedule a job for installation. The actual installation time for a bathroom remodel is typically 3-5 days for simple bathroom remodel projects; longer when we're going down to studs and taking on a particularly large scope of work.